6 Ways to Get Your Property Sold!

By: Brit McDonald

6 Ways to Get Your Property Sold!

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Here are 6 ways to make selling your property less daunting! I am always here to help guide you along the way.

  1. Prepare your property for sale. Fixing it up, touch ups, repairs, painting etc. Anything that would put a refreshing look on your property. Then we would do some staging.
  2. Pre-Marketing Activities. Online, digital marketing, in person, agent to agent, broker to broker marketing. The idea is to create a frenzy! You want to get some anticipation and excitement from the buyers who haven’t been able to purchase who are looking for a property like yours. 
  3. Go to Market! This includes photos, floor plans virtual tours. What this does is it will allow the buyers who aren’t able to come see the property in person, to see the property online and actually take a walk through. They can imagine themselves in the property without actually physically having to be in it.
  4. Online Marketing. Social media marketing, digital marketing, in person, agent to agent, brokerage to brokerage marketing. This will get some more buzz around your property and get buyers coming to see it.
  5. Bring in an Offer! If we can bring in multiple offers, that’s the idea. We negotiate the price, terms and conditions of each offer. Making sure that you have a qualifying buyer. 
  6. Closing. We will ensure a smooth process, from the time an offer is accepted to the closing date. Not only is price important, making sure the buyer is qualified and more importantly that the appraisal that the bank will have on your property will actually appraise. 

It may sound like 6 easy steps but there is actually a lot of work involved! 

If you have any questions I’d be happy to help! Give me a call 416–427–7900.