Light Fixture Tips!

By: Brit McDonald

Light Fixture Tips!

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Have you spent quarantine staring at your ??light fixtures and wanting to change them? 

Choosing fixtures for your home can be complicated. If you’ve ever visited a lighting store, you know exactly what I’m talking about. 

To break it down into bite-sized bits, it might be helpful to review the three different types of lighting:

1. Ambient Lighting: the main source of light in a room (think overhead fixtures or recessed lighting).

2. Task Lighting: the lighting “tasked” for activities such as working or reading (meant to illuminate a small area; not an entire room).

3. Accent Lighting: the most decorative lighting in a room (think chandeliers, sconces, and lamps).

As you plan, remember most rooms have two types of lighting—some all three. Make a list of the rooms in your home and the different types of lighting you need. Then, you can shop with clarity and purpose even amidst the blinding lights.