By: Brit McDonald

Should I Sell or Remodel?

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Here are a few questions to ask as you make the king-size decision.


Team Remodeling:

• Do I love my current home's location?

• Do I have space for an addition?

• Will remodeling address my biggest concerns about my home?

• Do I have a place to temporarily move during the remodel (or the patience of a saint to live in an "under construction" house)?


A YES to most of the above means remodeling is probably in your future.


Team Time-to-Move:

• Do you anticipate needing more space than a remodel can provide in the next 5 years?

• Will remodeling put your home above neighborhood value?

• Would you prefer a home that's closer to your everyday places (work, school, shopping) or do you desire a different school district or a larger lot?


Resonate with these questions? Give me a call and let's take a look at what's on the market.


Whether you're leaning towards remodeling or moving, send me a message. I'd love to do a quick analysis on your neighborhood and give you the stats you need to go along with your intuition!